InstaGold Flash Gold plate with or without electricity!

When the goal is to achieve the best looking decorative gold plate
with the most durable finish . . . The solution is Instagold Flash™.

US Patent # 5575900

Don’t let high gold prices get you down!

Save nearly $48,000.00 setting up a 30 gallon (114 Liter) gold plating bath.
Low gold content bath drastically cuts drag out waste of gold.

Gold Bath Type
Electrolyte Cost
Gold Content (PGC)

Bath Cost

Conventional Gold Bath 

30 Gallons

$2.00/gal 30 Troy Ounces x $1400/ troy ounce=$30,000 $42,000

Instagold Flash™ Bath 

30 Gallons

$35.80/gal 1.5 Troy Ounces @$1400/ troy ounce $3,174.00

Instagold Flash™  is excellent for barrel plating too.

It can be used with or without electricity. (Immersion Plating) To use IGF without electricity heat the bath to 190F.

For Electrolytic plating set the bath temperature to 120F.

InstaGold Flash Electrolyte one pound.  Adjust the quantity you need in the shopping cart. One pound makes one gallon.

Patented Instagold Flash plates as fast as a high gold content bath!

The INSTAGOLD FLASH SYSTEM uses technology that is so sophisticated yet so simple and cost efficient that you can easily set up your own in-house plating line and save up to 60% of your plating costs. INSTAGOLD FLASH deposits a bright and uniform surface finish via the modern and simple process of non-current immersion plating. The solution is safe and easy to use. Custom designed for the decorative jewelry industry and electronics, InstaGold Flash is far superior to any other gold plating solution.

InstaGold Flash forms a strong chemical bond with the metal surface and features the hardest acid formula. The durability of the finish is superb.

The secret is in the solution. Because the gold adheres to the metal surface through electromotive potentials (like magnets) generated internally by chemical interaction and not by an external force generated by an electric current, the coating of gold is as uniform as the surface.

Technology so advanced . . . It’s Simple to Operate.

The substrate is plated by immersion into the solution for less than one or two minutes. The pieces are then removed from the gold bath rinsed and dried. Finished. The solution is so easy to use that anyone can be an expert gold plater.

InstaGold Flash works via immersion therefore complicated electrical connections are obsolete. You no longer need rectifiers, anode and cathode rods, barrels, danglers, and racks.

In the gold plating game . . . The more you use – the more you lose. GOLD SAVINGS Due to the highly advanced chemical technology of InstaGold Flash only 1/3 of the normal amount of gold is used in the plating process. Operating at gold concentrations as low as 3/4 of a pennyweight per gallon, gold losses are negligible. The equipment needed for the immersion process is a simple basket with no contact points, eliminating refining losses normally associated with racks and barrels. With InstaGold Flash, plating at a thickness of only two micro-inches will give you the durability normally achieved with six micro-inches.

Gold Concentration: 

IGF is the only gold bath known in the industry that can plate at extremely low gold concentrations. The initial start-up usage concentration of gold is only 1 dwt. (1.5 g) per gallon. However, the industry regularly abuses this rule and operates at an average concentration of 1 gram per gallon to as low as 0.3 grams per gallon.   This low gold concentration virtually eliminates gold drag-out losses. Your gold stays in the bath where it belongs. IGF plates as fast or faster than baths containing twenty times the gold. No kidding! 

Gold should be added as needed. It is obvious when gold needs to be added when the color is pale, and takes a longer time to deposit. 

Dramatic Money Savings Two Ways!

Bath Cost and Gold Useage.

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