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If you’re looking for an innovative way to customize your vehicle or other project, consider Cosmichrome spray on chrome paint. With its unique chrome-like finish, this spray paint provides a stunning, eye-catching look in many colors. 

Cosmichrome is a revolutionary spray on chrome paint that provides a durable, mirror-like finish. This high-quality coating is a blend of paint and plating. Use Cosmichrome to coat almost any surface, including aluminum, steel, plastic, and more. Furthermore, it’s highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals, and other environmental factors so it won’t fade over time. (Guaranteed!)

One of the best features of Cosmichrome is that it’s available in a wide range of colors. From classic chrome to vibrant hues like purple, blue, and red, you’ll be able to choose the perfect color for your project. And unlike most chrome paint, Cosmichrome is designed to be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Merely add one of our twenty colors to our top coat to produce a spectrum of chrome colors

Whether you need to give your project a unique look or customize your parts with a custom color, Cosmichrome is the perfect choice. Cosmichrome is a great way to add color to your project without sacrificing quality. With its long-lasting finish and vibrant color options, this spray on chrome paint is sure to give your project an eye-catching look. So if you’re looking to add a unique, colored chrome finish to your builds, Cosmichrome is the perfect choice.

Jeff Koons Balloon Animals by Hydrochrome
Jeff Koons Balloon Animals by Hydrochrome
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