Czarnowski Collective Creates Signs Using Cosmichrome Spray Chrome

Challenge: How to create chrome signs?

Solution: Cosmichrome Spray Chrome!

Czarnowski recently completed a project that showcased their signmaking capabilities and the versatility of Cosmichrome spray chrome. The project involved creating large foam Chevy Bow Tie signs and coating them with Cosmichrome spray chrome. Cosmichrome is a revolutionary spray chrome paint that provides a durable, mirror-like finish. It is a great alternative to traditional chrome plating, as it is much faster and more cost-effective. It is also environmentally friendlier, than traditional chromium electroplating. The challenge was how to create chrome signs and with which product.

Czarnowski used their expertise in signmaking to create these large foam Chevy Bow Tie signs. They used a CNC router to cut the foam into the desired shape and size. Once the foam was cut, they applied a primer to the surface to level the foam and to ensure that the Cosmichrome spray chrome would adhere properly. Once the primer was dry, they applied the Cosmichrome spray chrome. The spray chrome was applied in three layers, with each layer being allowed to dry before the next layer was applied. This process was repeated until the desired finish was achieved. The end result was a stunning set of large foam Chevy Bow Tie signs that were coated with a durable, mirror-like finish in both chrome and gold. The signs were a great example of the versatility of Cosmichrome spray chrome and the signmaking capabilities of Czarnowski.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to achieve a chrome finish, then Cosmichrome spray chrome is the perfect solution. It is fast, economical, and provides a durable, mirror-like finish in a dozens of different chrome colors.

Four Chevy bow tie signs created from sign foam and coated with Cosmichrome spray chrome
Four Chevy bow tie signs created from sign foam and coated with Cosmichrome spray chrome. Even the gold color is Cosmichrome.
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  1. Hank of the Custom Refinishing Co Reply

    Dose it chip or peel

    • gold-touch Reply

      Cosmichrome is essentially a high tech painting process. It doesn’t peel but like any paint it could get a chip in it.

  2. Vancouver Anodizing Reply

    Its creative application of Cosmichrome spray chrome is amazing. Vancouver Anodizing It’s amazing to see how technology is developing to produce robust and aesthetically pleasing signs. I’m now interested in learning more about the uses of this spray chrome and how it might affect branding and design.

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