Cosmichrome Training: Our App is The Newest Part of Our Training Resources

Download the Spray Chrome Center App

Cosmichrome is the most successful spray on chrome on the planet. Of course, the fact Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome guaranteed not to turn yellow in the sun is a major factor in this success. Additionally, Cosmichrome’s superior training and education resources are instrumental in this success too. The newest part of our support system is the Cosmichrome App. The app adds to our hands-on training and expert tech support.

  1. The Cosmichrome App: The training videos, instruction manual, Safety Data Sheets, and regular timely and regular Tips are all available on the Cosmichrome App. You can download our app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store. When you become a customer of ours, you will get credentials for full access to all instructional materials. Until then, feel free to download the app and explore the public areas. Your credentials will give access to the desktop version of the app too.

2. Hands-on training: Many people visit us for a day of hands-on training before they invest in a Cosmichrome system. This is not required but it can make the learning process smoother and efficient. Even though the Cosmichrome spray chrome process is exactly as it appears in our training videos, getting to do it under the guidance of one of our experienced teachers gives you a head start when you work on your own. Several technical schools teach their students how to use Cosmichrome. Some of the photos below are from Finland, The Tavastia Technical College has taught their paint technology students how to use Cosmichrome for more than ten years.

3. Expert tech support: You will almost certainly have questions and make mistakes when you are practicing your Cosmichrome skills. We are here to answer questions, diagnose mistakes, and help to evaluate your work. You can contact us by email, phone, or through the Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Center App.