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Ecologically advanced plating systems
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At Gold Touch, we supply high tech and patented ecologically advanced plating systems designed to make your life easier and help you get your plating projects completed successfully. Our systems are unique and are protected by US patents. Unmatched customer service, training and support are the foundations of our business with more than twenty years of experience helping customers all over the world. We specialize in ecologically advanced coatings that don’t contain cyanide.

Our Cosmichrome spray chrome system allows users to spray on chrome in various colors on nearly any material or substrate. Cosmichrome is the most advanced and durable product of its kind. Best of all you can be confident your parts won’t turn yellow from sun exposure. It’s the only spray on chrome with a no yellowing guarantee.

The amazing coating systems we offer here at Gold Touch are listed below and if you have any questions or interest in our machines or chemicals, please feel free to Contact us for assistance.

Cosmichrome Spray Chrome

Patented spray on chrome. Guaranteed not to yellow in the sun.
Spray a patented chrome-like finish to nearly any material.
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Non Cyanide Electroplating Chemicals

Cyanide-free small scale electroplating
Ecological platings solutions. Zero cyanide. Zero arsenic.
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Mobile Brush Plating

Mobile 24k gold plating supplies.
Supplies for gold plating applied on right on the car. Patented gold solution that applies right over the chrome.
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Closed Loop Tank Plating

Compact, closed loop industrial plating systems. Great for labs and production work.
Our Megaplaters feature a patented closed loop recycling system to help keep you in compliance. Closed loop means zero waste discharge.
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