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Counts Kustomz • West Coast Customs • Andretti Autosport • General Motors • George P Johnson Co • Zebco • Storyland Studios • ColorWare • Fisher Price • Whirlpool • Coat of Chrome • Insane Paint and many more.


Patented spray chrome system

Apply a chrome-like finish to nearly any material, with fantastic results! Patented machines and process.


Tank Plating

Zero waste discharge plating

Patented and ecological closed loop plating systems with zero waste discharge.



Desktop Jewelry Plating

Mini electroplating systems for designed for all kinds of jewelry. Cyanide Free!



Mobile gold plating on the go

Brush plating supplies featuring a real 24k gold plate finish, right on any vehicle.


Cosmichrome at the SEMA Show

Our exhibit in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show has been very popular at Speed TV. We've been to every SEMA Show since 1993. Here is a clip from the SEMA Show of Matt Steele featuring our booth. You'll even get a quick demonstration of how to apply Cosmichrome.

Our Cosmichrome® spray chrome system is a chrome plating alternative that passes many OEM specifications. It is essentially a chrome paint. Cosmichrome is applied in a paint booth with professional paint equipment along with a Cosmichrome machine.  It really duplicates the appearance of real chrome plating.  If your part can’t be electroplated because of size or material, there’s a good chance a chrome finish can be sprayed on the Cosmichrome. You can also apply more than twenty different colors to Cosmichrome such as gold, black chrome, rose gold, copper, blue, green and many more.

Durability and UV Resistance

Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome that is guaranteed not to turn yellow outdoors. Period. Similar products are plagued with yellowing problems. Many of them will turn yellow from the sun in only a few weeks or months. Cosmichrome lasts years without yellowing. We have the test data to prove it. No other spray chrome is as reliable, durable and UV protected as Cosmichrome.


Our Master System Pro Cosmichrome  machine and our unique process have both been awarded U.S. Patent protection. With new spray chrome products seeming to pop up all the time we are proud to be used exclusively by companies like General Motors, West Coast Customs, Count’s Kustoms and many more. Cosmichrome is even approved by the FAA for application on helicopters. If you are unsatisfied with your existing system chances are we can help you.

Gold Plating

Our patented OneStep Gold® solution brush plates right over chrome emblems and stainless steel. No chrome stripping required. We carry a full line of brush plating chemicals for mobile and tank gold platers.

We also manufacture the Tivian brand of non cyanide gold plating solutions loved by jewelers and platers for decades. Our TivaGlo-Free cyanide free gold solutions do not contain any cyanide or arsenic and are available in 24k, 18k, 14k and rose gold.

Our incredible InstaGold Flash plates with or without electricity. It also cuts the cost of setting up a gold bath by 75% or more. With high gold prices Insta Gold Flash can save you a fortune.

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