Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Chemicals

Guaranteed not to turn yellow

Chemical Package 1

Chemical Package 1

Can Your Spray Chrome Do This?

Try applying tape to the bare metal layer on your spray chrome. Does the tape lift off the metal? If it does then you will have very poor adhesion once you apply your top coat. Your adhesion will only be temporary. When your coating cures it will peel apart like the Indy Car coated with a well know competing product in the photo above. Cosmichrome adhesion is so good that tape will not lift the bare metal off the base coat. Then our non yellowing top coat will bind to the metal layer and form a durable bond.

90 Day Chemical Pot Life

If you use Cosmichrome, your metal plating chemicals last 90 days after mixing. With competing systems all the chemicals expire at the end of the day and leftover mixture is wasted and has to be discarded. Cosmichrome's long lasting chemicals eliminate this expensive waste of materials. Our chemicals are also much easier to mix. Just add one bottle of concentrate to the blue jug (G4) and you are done. The other chemical (G5) is already mixed. This prevents mixing mistakes and accidental contamination of the plating chemicals, a common source of waste and frustration.

Why You Should be Using Cosmichrome

• Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome chemicals guaranteed not to turn yellow from the sun. If you don’t use Cosmichrome most of your spray chrome will turn yellow after a few weeks or months. Especially if the parts are outdoors.

• OEM quality adhesion. No spray chrome has the intra-coating adhesion of Cosmichrome.

 Mixed Cosmichrome chemicals last 90 times longer than the competition! Long lasting and economical chemicals. 90 day pot life once mixed, not 24 hours!

•Unmixed chemicals last at least one year.

• Easy to apply top coat. No champagne bubbles. Apply wet.

• True chrome color.

•Not just limited to candy colors.

•We have 20 colors. We have more colors than anyone else. Even black chrome and rose gold. Blend them to create even more colors.

• Tolerates much higher temperatures. 350ºF/174ºC. Coat part under the car hood without discoloring and fogging.

•Cosmichrome manufactures the only spray chrome chemicals with Cleanable base coat. Just wipe off accidental fingerprints with our Base Coat Cleaner and distilled water. Competing spray chrome paints force you to sand and re-spray their base coats if there is a fingerprint. You have to start from all over from the beginning. Cosmichrome eliminates this time wasting problem. 

•Our Base Coat can even be cut and buffed. Eliminate any and all imperfections. Ask for guidance. 

• Used by West Coast Customs, GM and Count’s Customs. 

Chemical Details and Features

Product Info
Base Coat Easy to apply. Lays flat and glossy. Fast drying. Can't be over dried. Touchable, Fingerprints wipe off easily. Cut and Buff if you like.
Activator A22 Concentrate Mix with distilled water. Ready to use in 5 minutes.
G5 Ready to use. No mixing! Last 90 days after opening. Eliminates expensive wasting of leftover chemicals every day.
G4/G4-11 Combine these two and then they last 90 days. Eliminates expensive wasting of leftover chemicals every day.
Speed Seal A Cosmichrome exclusive. Speeds up the blow drying process. Protects the metal while waiting for top coat from oxidation and stains from accidental splashes and drips.
Top Coat Chrome Remarkable clarity. Easy to apply. Pre tinted for matching chrome color. Fast drying. Durable. Flexible. Doesn't produce "champagne bubbles"
Top Coat Clear Use this top coat for adding dyes to produce colored chrome and simulated metals such as gold, brass, copper and bronze.

Chemical Package Pricing

Chemical Packages and Prices

Chemical Package 1 Chemical Package 2 Chemical Package 3 Chemical Package 4
Base Coat 5L Base Coat 5L x 3 Base Coat 5L x 5 Base Coat 5L x 10
Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 2 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 6 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 10 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 20
Chrome Top Coat 5L Chrome Top Coat 5L x 3 Chrome Top Coat 5L x 5 Chrome Top Coat 5L x 10
Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 2 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 6 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 10 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 20
Activator A22 1L Activator A22 1L x 1 Activator A22 1L x 2 Activator A22 1L x 4
G4 Solution 18L G4 Solution 18L x 3 G4 Solution 18L x 6 G4 Solution 18L x 12
G5 Solution 18L G5 Solution 18L x 3 G5 Solution 18L x 6 G5 Solution 18L x 12
Speed Seal 1L Speed Seal 1L x 2 Speed Seal 1L x 4 Speed Seal 1L x 8
Covers Apx. 470 sq. ft. Covers Apx.1400 sq. ft. Covers Apx. 2800 sq. ft. Covers Apx. 5600 sq. ft.
Apx cost $4.03 /sq. ft. Apx cost $3.66 /sq. ft. Apx cost $2.92 /sq. ft.. Call
Cost $1898.00 Cost $5129.00 Cost $8177.00 Cost $Contact us