What the customers say

Alternative Chrome Creations

In a world where customer satisfaction is declining Alternative Chrome Creations (ACC) would like to recognize Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome for their innovative Products, Continuous Product Improvements, Outstanding Customer Service and Partnership,   Simply Superb!   No, this is not a paid for testimonial this is being written on behalf of a small company which began on a beer budget, by a few individuals who had full time jobs and who were blinded by what we like to refer to as SOS “Shiny Object Syndrome” and an obsession for classic and antique vehicles.   We saw the opportunity to repair, restore and create new possibilities for those who possess a similar interest (for some this may be also known as a curse).   Nevertheless had it not been for Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichromes superb products, customer service and partnership, ACC would not be enthusiastic about our future let alone writing a testimonial. Instead we would have had to close our doors after having invested years of effort and money working with another product which failed our customers and ACC.   We will not mention the other product nor should they be recognized as a competitor as from our perspective there are by no means any similarities.  It is our experience and undeniable opinion that Quality, Value and Customer Service are attributes unique to Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome and their outstanding crew. Thank you Terry, Frank, Xiomara, Abner, Jimmy and the rest of the Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome  crew. Words alone do not express our sincere gratitude for each of you, Due to your continued innovation and commitment to your customers we are looking forward to an Incredibly Bright future.   ACC

Steve Duke

Thanks for the help. All of the feedback I have had from other Cosmichrome customers  was spot on. It was why I went with you. You guys really do care and want us to succeed. Thanks for being  a partner   Steve Duke Steve’s Restoration Specialties, LLC.Inc

Mick Gregory

Mick Gregory of the UK gives us spray spray chrome paint reviews, spray chrome system reviews and tech support comments after purchasing a system from a competitor of ours and having unsatisfactory results. After switching to Cosmichrome he got the quality product and tech support he needed to succeed.    

Ed Persike

Both Terry and Frank are interesting people.  They are old school.  They are not flashy or high rollers.  They are simply men of their words.  The product works.  They provide technical assistance.  I have visited them at their facility in Cleveland.  It is very simple,  really basic.  It is a sales office with storage and nothing more.  All of the people at the shop work.  They are smart articulate and honest.  Best of all, the product works.
We gold chromed the JDX Racing American LeMans for Hertz. Our finish withstands what can only be described as chrome hell.  Grit, sand oil and dust is pushed against the finnish of a car going 150 MPH.   Other than some scratches the coating is solid.  Now the Florida folks had a car in practicing for the Indy 500 and the chrome peeled off of the vehicle and the car was black flagged.   I saw the pictures on the internet.  It was really quite interesting. Cosmichrome is used on all the Andretti Autosport Indycars and it has never failed.
Cosmichrome works on big and little things.  We have done the X-Game motorcycles for Suzuki, furniture, airplane parts, endless bumpers and car parts, engine, whole cars, odds and ends.    Yes we are satisfied customers.  The product performs.  It is just that simple.  Both Terry and Frank are men of great integrity.  They are honest and hard working.
Ed Persike
Sacramento California

Andy Tamburino

I would like to give the teams at Goldtouch and Cosmichrome many thanks for their excellent service and support during my transition from a leading competitor. In my opinion they do not even compare with the products from Gold Touch, hands down! I got outstanding results in a few short weeks compared to the two years I spent with unsatisfactory product, service and support from ALSA. Thank you Gold Touch! Andy Tamburino Washington

Shane Gossman

I occasionally visit my old suppliers-web site to see what's "new". It's a good thing Gary from Creations isn't under oath with that %$#@ he claims in their site. Every claim he makes is actually the experience you have with Spectra Chrome. He talks about discoloration and peeling, blah, blah, blah. I don't know how these guys sleep at night." Shane Gossman Colorado
Rocky Vowel Road Atlanta WIn

Rocky Vowell

Just wanted to touch base and say hello. I also wanted to thank you for the great website you have kept of my bikes. I have sent many of my customers and friends to that website and they are so impressed. I am still winning with those bikes. I won the World of Wheels in Chattanooga, TN this year with the blue bike. The fushia bike won the World of Wheels in New Orleans, LA this year. At every show I go to I am asked about the paint and usually win best paint, but I make sure I tell everyone about your company and I give out the website for them to go to…. I still have both bikes and plan on keeping them for years and hope to keep winning with the bikes. My 24 year old son loves them too so I guess I'll keep them for him to show, they seem to keep winning. Good to talk to you. When I bragg I tell them just to go to your website and see the pictures (haha). Thanks for a nice website." Rocky Vowell

Brad Ruprecht

Thanks, everyone here is very impressed with the system. It is one of those resources that people wonder what we did before we had it. It is saving all sorts of time, and is opening new design doors for us. So thanks for a great product. " Brad Ruprecht Model Maker Zebco

George Higgins

Dear Terry, Thank you very much for your high quality Cosmichrome product and excellent service you provided us throughout the year. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to spend the day with us sharing the latest techniques and tips. It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you for the day. Your professionalism has taken us to a higher level of quality. I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year. Happy Holidays Regards George Higgins Model Maker at a well know toy company