Colored Chrome Samples

These are our standard color samples. You can blend them to make to make other colors such as copper for example. All the dye colors come in concentrates and are available individually as well as in a package.

Click on the colors to open a new window with close up photo of each color and the color name.

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  1. enrique Reply

    enbian a mar del plata y cual es el precio

    • gold-touch Reply

      Hola Enrique. Le envie respuesta anteriormenpe port media de email. Podemos enviar la mercancia a Mar de Plata. El precio de la maquina es de $7,550.00 USD mas el costo de los insumos.

  2. Robert Reply

    I need a number to talk to someone. I need to order some stuff

    • gold-touch Reply

      Give us a call during business hours. 216 941-7400 or in the USA toll free 800-940-7874

  3. patrik Reply

    hello is there someone in europe were i can get information , not the french site because i don’t speak any french

    regards patrick

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