You can clean our base coat!

The latest update to the Cosmichrome base coat features a fantastic new feature. If someone accidentally touches the base coat you clean our spray chrome base coat with distilled water and a damp paper towel. Until now the part would dave to be sanded and sprayed with base coat again. It’s simple and easy.

If someone accidentally touches the base coat after it is dry you can clean off the fingerprints without any harm or damage to the final finish. All you have to do is wipe the fingerprints off with a soft paper towel that has been wet with distilled water. Then re-flame the base coat and proceed with plating as usual. This base coat is also extremely easy to apply and is very resistant to runs and drips. As usual the adhesion of the metal and top coat are exceptional.

This new feature solves one of the more demanding requirements of applying spray chrome coatings. Typically their base coats are very sensitive to accidental touches and other types of minor contamination. This would often lead to frustration when an curious coworker would decide to handle and inspect the parts being coated. Now one can just clean the fingerprints off rather than having to sand and reapply the base coat.

Additionally Cosmichrome base coat is still the only base coat that can’t be over dried. The dryer it is the better the adhesion of the metal and top coat. Other products are much more sensitive to over drying and loss of adhesion.

You can let our base coat dry all weekend or even all week and there will be no loss of metallic adhesion.

As always, Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome product guaranteed not to turn yellow. That is just one of the many reasons it is the spray chrome of General Motors, Andretti Autosport and West Coast Customs to name a few.



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