Spraying Chrome Top Coat Instructions

Spraying Chrome Top Coat Instructions – Cosmichrome. Our top coat is easy to apply. Sprays like normal automotive clear coat. Apply 2 medium wet coats. No champagne bubbles. Never turns yellow.

VU-15 Topcoat is a special blend that has been formulated just for the Cosmichrome application.

VU-15 is an acrylic urethane topcoat that will produce a harder finish as well as excellent adhesion.

Parts can be sanded after application if needed.

VU-15 is Excellent as a final clear coat for outdoor parts, DO NOT apply any other clear topcoats over VU-15 unless the VU-15 has dried for at least 2 days.

Excellent UV capabilities, better then most after-market clear topcoats on the market.

VU-15 has a richer gloss and feel once fully cured.

VU-15 applies wet and is very easy to lay down with no orange peel.

VU-15 TOPCOAT 100 Grams
V390 CATALYST 40 Grams
Mix and wait for 10 minutes before spraying.

Please note that the metalized part MUST be dry and free from any moisture and water, we suggest that you bake at low temperature 95º to 100ºF / 35 C for 45 to minutes before you spray the topcoat. Any moisture and humidity between the metal and the clearcoat can result in very small moisture bubbles in the topcoat.

Adjust the spray gun as follows

PSI 29-35 at the gun handle, (2 bars)
Wide open fan
Needle valve open 1 turn.
(Please note that needle valve setting will vary with the object size)

Spray the metalized piece with one wet film in a criss-cross pattern to achieve an even thickness. Its better to apply less material on the first coat than too much.
Apply the second coat after 10 min have expired, leaving the part with a nice uniform wet shine and even color.
If you desire to spray a third coat you can do so after 10 min between coats.

Once satisfied with your application, allow the topcoat to stand for 30 min before introducing a bake cycle. Do not bake above 105º F. After the part dries a few days higher temperatures are fine.

Baking the topcoat will accelerate the total hardness.
Allow top coated parts to baked for at least 1 hour at 100º F 40º C.

Don’t be alarmed if your bake 1 hour is complete and the parts are still soft, this is normal, once cooled down you will have less tackiness if not any at all.

Natural air dry for VU-15 topcoat

Once you have applied the two coats of topcoat allow for air circulation to be present in the environment for 30 min. Let the part stand for 2 to 3 hours to dry for light handling.

Do not use the sun to acelerate drying.

Please note that if you apply more than 3 coats of topcoat, allow more dry time before handling parts shipping or installing.