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Spray Chrome Supplier to Racing Legends

Andretti Autosport

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Cosmichrome® is a patented hybrid of paint and plating that allows you to paint a chrome like finish on anything from metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and even wood with a mirror like chrome paint.


Cosmichrome spray chrome or chrome paint is ideal for use where traditional electroplating plating and vacuum metallizing are unsuitable due to cost, size, design, substrate material, or environmental issues. If it can't be electroplated chances are it can be chrome painted with Cosmichrome.

The Cosmichrome spray on chrome system is comprised of three proprietary coatings. Two of the coatings are proprietary automotive grade paints that are applied in your paint booth with your quality paint guns and using your painting skills.

The metallic spray chrome coating is applied with a special Cosmichrome® machine that applies a sprayed on electroless plating solution.

Cosmichrome's Exclusive Features

Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome paint that resists peeling, flaking, and won't yellow from the sun!

Meets many OEM automotive paints standards. See tests on the FAQ page here.

Cosmichrome duplicates the look of  real chrome, brass, gold, silver and other metals.
Available in many colors just by adding tints to the top coat.
Environmentally friendlier than traditional electroplating.

Meets the European Union's new RoHS rules. (Reduction of hazardous substances)
Available with very low or no chromium. Either way meets RoHS

Can be used on flexible materials where chrome plating cracks or peels.
Can be used on any nearly any size object from trinkets to 20 ft. statues or display booths.

Training is free.
Production line process is available. Used by LG Electronics in Korea. New OEM approval by Delphi.

Chemicals available separately. No need to buy entire packages when you only need one item.

Patented Select e-Gun™

Patented Process

Will not turn yellow in the sun!
OEM quality top coat and base coat. No need for expensive additional name brand clear coats on most parts. Competing products are so soft they need additional clear coats. These coatings are so good they are being adopted by the vacuum coating industry. They are also easy to apply without orange peel.
Cosmichrome top coat is dry in only 24 hours for light handling. It gets very hard yet remains flexible. Competing products are slow to dry if they ever harden at all.
Cosmichrome G4 and G5 spray chrome solutions are long lasting. 90 days once mixed for the G4. 90 days for the G5 once opened. ( no mixing of the G5 is required for simplicity). Competing chemicals spoil after one day. Unused chemicals increase costs significantly.
Passes most OEM tests and now even tolerates high temperatures. (300º to 350ºF). No competing product comes close. Allows you to coat parts in the engine compartment.

Other spray chrome products blister and discolor under the hood.

Cosmichrome can be seen on

Andretti Autosport Indy Lights and Indy Cars

American Idol and Formula 1 Racing
The success of our customers tells the story of our great product.


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"I dealt with one company for two years and got very inconsistent results. I invested thousands of dollars into a product that brought me to nothing but one dead end after another. After so much time and money seemingly wasted, I decided to go ahead and give Cosmichrome a try. After three months, I have done more than I ever could have in two years with the other company. I was astounded at the difference. Their product provides great adhesion and a flawless finish every time."

John from Florida

June 2007


Own a competitor's Spray Chrome system? We'll help you face the world again!

Plagued with millions of champagne bubbles when you apply top coat?

Spots and fog in the metal?

Do you need to buy 2 different top coat formulas? One supposedly for adhesion and one for hardness?

Basecoat won't lay out and never really dries?

Parts often turns yellow in a few weeks?

Poor success rate?

Neglected to check for satisfied references?

Didn't get samples or got pieces of tiles as samples?

Don't Blame Yourself.

Dozens of companies have switched from competing spray chrome products to Cosmichrome.  

If you are disappointed with the results and durability of your competing system,

don't be embarrassed. Call or email us for Help and references.


2004 Sign Industry Perspex Sign of the Year

A Resin Statue for a London England Restaurant

See more photos on our Cosmichrome Gallery link.