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Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Systems

Demonstration Video Cleaning and Using the e-Gun.

Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Master Select


Cosmichrome Master

Select ™System

• Patented E-Gun Select ™ reduces chemical consumption and provides the best plating. Lightweight computer controlled technology. One gun does it all.

•Built-In e-Gun and activator washing system saves hours of cleanup time

• 800 toll free expert tech support
•1 Training video
• 1 Manual
• 4 Stainless steel pressure vessels hold approximately 20 liters each.
• 1 Air gun
• TDS meter (essential for measuring water purity)
• 1 In line air/water filter

• 1 in line chemical filter

• Stainless Steel Construction

• Color Coded Hoses

• Back flow prevention valves prevent chemicals from contaminating each other.

Stainless steel cart containing all equipment necessary to spray the Cosmichrome metallic coating.

•Moves easily in and out of paint booths.

•Compact. Doesn't restrict part size.

• Lightweght hoses for comfort.

Item Price Details

Master System WIth a Single e-Gun Select

The finest Spray Plating System on the Planet.

Master System with Twin e-Guns Select

Double the plating capacity to easy the plating of very large parts.


Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Mini System


Mini System Includes:

Cart containing all equipment to apply the Cosmichrome Coating

1.2 liter pressure bottles

Designed for smaller applications up to the size of a medium Mag Wheel.

Provides identical quality plating as our Master System but on smaller scale parts.

Only $2100


About the new e-Gun Select.

This patented airless gun electronically controls the flow of the plating/metalizing materials.
The e-Gun Select can dramatically reduce chemical usage and waste while keeping the chemicals on the part rather than creating a lot of overspray in the air.


One does not have to continually adjust needle valves on the e-Gun Select to in order to calibrate it as in systems from other manufacturers. Some may claim their gun is fully adjustable but it is often shipped with a label on the needle valves warning the user not to adjust them. Unfortunately frequent adjustments are often needed and this is a challenging task. There are no guarantees that the trigger will pull both needle valves back simultaneously and the same distance each time. This is why we abandoned that gun years ago.

Our extremely light weight gun sprays all the chemicals. Just select the chemical with the push button. The e-Gun select switches between each step in the proper process order to eliminate using the wrong chemical or gun. The process is smooth and graceful.

Patented e-Gun Select only add on


e-Gun Select Close Up

Photo coming soon.



This set up is for existing Cosmichome e-Gun systems only.

Allows you to add a second e-Gun to better plate very large parts. Having two plating guns working together makes huge parts much easier to plate. The e-Gun Select will reduce chemicals waste and cut plating costs. It eliminates trying to adjust needle valves to balance your plating gun. Electronic control provides simultaneous operation of both nozzles. 

Demonstration Video

Cleaning and Using the e-Gun.

E-Gun Select with Washing System




This set up is for old style Cosmichrome Systems without an e-Gun or if you have a competing system and need better performance.

You get both our Patented e-Gun and washing system.

Adapter plate for Spectra Chrome, Alsa and Fantachrome machines.



Mounting Bracket,

Air Filters,

Check valves,

and connectors to adapt our patented plating gun on other systems.

Misc Hardware


For zero waste discharge EPA compliance. Available in various sizes for small to large waste volumes. The same high quality evaporators as we supply for commercial plating systems.


Spin your parts when you paint and plate
Waterproof Masking Tape
Required for masking

Exclusive Cosmichrome Washing Systems

Built-In e-Gun washing and activator gun system saves hours of cleanup time. No need to dispose of expensive plating chemiclas every day.

( Patented)

non stick PTFE (teflon) components.


The Cosmichrome e-Gun Select

e-Gun Select Close Up

Plural component plating gun (not a paint gun)

Electronlically controlled plating gun eliminates out of adjustment chemical ratios.

Provides the most reflective finish possible.

Built-in cleaning system cleans the gun quickly, easily and thoroughly. Prevents plating defects.

Reduces chemical consumption and waste.

Airless mixing reduces overspray and waste.

Eliminates the need to empty the plating tanks to flush and clean the plating gun.

Eliminates the need for sending in the plating gun for re-calibration.

US Patent Awarded

Coatings are sold separately

Paint gun for the Primer and Topcoat is not included. Use your favorite quality spray gun. We recommend SataJet 3000 paint guns.



Mini Paint Booth $1950.00

Need a simple and easy place to paint?

•Optional 1720 CFM Exhaust Fan available

•Shown with optional turntable , steel shelf and metal filters.

•Turntable only $119.95

•Set of Styrofoam Filters only $49.95

Call for exhasut fan prices