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Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Chemistry Prices

Patented Spray Chrome Process

US Patent #8,187,677

Guaranteed not to Turn Yellow!


Cosmichrome Chemical package 1

Chemical Package 1



We pre-mix many of the chemicals to help prevent mixing mistakes. Our spray chrome plating chemicals also last much much longer than the competing spray chrome chemicals. The G4 and G5 last at least 90 days provided they are sealed properly and kept out of direct light. This reduces mixing errors and provides consistent results.

Competing spray chrome chemicals must be disposed of at the end of the day. If you mix a few ounces too much your expensive chemicals are wasted! Our G4 and G5 last 90 days so you don't have to dispose of extra chemicals at the end of the day. This feature is a big cost savings. Just store the unused G4 and G5 in the tanks for a few days or pour them back into their clean containers for later use at least three months!