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Switching and Shopping Tips


Does This Sound Familiar?

• You are now told you need to heat your chemicals over 100ºF. Buy another machine that heats your compressed air to solve your problems? They didn't mention that expensive piece of equipment when you bought your system? Cosmichrome requires application at room normal room temperature. You don't have to heat your compressed air and chemicals.

• Plagued with millions of champagne bubbles when you apply top coat? Cosmichrome is not prone to bubbles.

• Do you have to apply multiple dry/dust coats to prevent bubbles? Cosmichrome is sprayed medium wet. Bubbles are rare.

Do you need to buy 2 different top coat formulas? One supposedly for adhesion and one for hardness? Cosmichrome requires only one top coat.

Spectra Chrome Problems Peeling and Bubbles Spectra Chrome Problems Peeling and Bubbles
Spectra Chrome Problems

•Do you chemicals expire in a few weeks? Cosmichrome chemicals last one year unopened. 90 days after opening. You don't need to throw away the left over silver chemicals every day with Cosmichrome either. They last 90 days after opening and mixing.

• Are you forced to buy an entire chemical package when you only need one or two items? All our products are available separately.

• Always seem to be spots and fog in the metal?

• Base coat won't lay, behaves inconsistantly, and never really dries?

• Parts often turns yellow in a few weeks?

• Poor success rate?

• Neglected to check for satisfied references or the references are actually paid to sell for them?

• Didn't get samples or got pieces of tiles as samples?

• Are you never confident that the plating gun is going to apply balanced materials?

• Are the testimonials from people that are actually selling the product too??

• Did you know that one competitior is now showing award winning cars on his website that actually have Cosmichrome on them? It's not even their product and they feature it as if it is.

Don't blame yourself, give us a call. We can help save your chrome business.

Check out the these photos from a project we are repairing that was coated by a competitor and their "dream team". It turned yellow after only one day outside at a show in California. The owners grew tired of months of excuses and we offered to help.

When we received it it was coated in at least 2 layers of their yellowed product and then covered in primer which was peeling away. Click on the photo to the link.

Spectra Chrome Failure


Real testimonials from real people.


Dear Terry,

Thank you very much for your high quality Cosmichrome product and
excellent service you provided us throughout the year.  I really
appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to spend the day
with us sharing the latest techniques and tips. It was a pleasure to
meet you and work with you for the day.  Your professionalism has taken
us to a higher level of quality.  I look forward to working with you in
the upcoming year.

Happy Holidays

George Higgins

Model Maker


May 8th 2010:  "Just wanted to touch base and say hello. I also wanted to thank you for the great website you have kept of my bikes. I have sent many of my customers and friends to that website and they are so impressed. I am still winning with those bikes. I won the World of Wheels in Chattanooga, TN this year with the blue bike. The fushia bike won the World of Wheels in New Orleans, LA this year. At every show I go to I am asked about the paint and usually win best paint, but I make sure I tell everyone about your company and I give out the website for them to go to. I have a prize winning 1960 convertible Impala that has won best c hrome at Crusin' the Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2009 and lots of best of shows lately. I will send you some pictures of that car I think you will really like it. I will send you pictures of the chroming on the car and if you like it and want to add it to your site it's ok with me. I still have both bikes and plan on keeping them for years and hope to keep winning with the bikes. My 24 year old son loves them too so I guess I'll keep them for him to show, they seem to keep winning. Good to talk to you. When I bragg I tell them just to go to your website and see the pictures (haha). Thanks for a nice website."

Rocky Vowell


"I occasionally visit my old suppliers-web site to see what's "new". It's a good thing Gary from Creations isn't under oath with that %$#@ he claims in their site. Every claim he makes is actually the experience you have with Spectra Chrome. He talks about discoloration and peeling, blah, blah, blah. I don't know how these guys sleep at night."

Shane Gossman



"Thanks, everyone here is very impressed with the system. It is one of
those resources that people wonder what we did before we had it. It is
saving all sorts of time, and is opening new design doors for us. So
thanks for a great product.

Brad Ruprecht
Model Maker


" ...just a little note to let you know how much we appreciate the help we could never have pulled this off with spectrachrome THANKS!!

Unlimited Chrome /Fenton Collision- Michigan

   " Well the sample looks very promising. It is the best coating we have seen so far. The fact that the part is the first to pass MIL 13508C, i.e.. the "tape test" says a lot about your product..."

A military contactor specializing in optics.


"I would like to give the teams at Goldtouch and Cosmichrome many thanks for their excellent service and support during my transition from a leading competitor. In my opinion they do not even compare with the products from Goldtouch, hands down! I got outstanding results in a few short weeks compared to the two years I spent with unsatisfactory product, service and support from ALSA. Thank you Goldtouch !"

Andy Tamburino


"I switched from Alsa Chrome FX.... As you will have gathered i am and still very angry about that experience. I have set up everything up now and have a few little
jobs on going with great results time after time as promised .Send our
regards to everybody there ."

Chris and Sue Massey
England (UK)

" I have three Spray on Chrome systems. One from Spectra Chrome, One from Alsa Corp. and a Cosmichrome System. The only system I use is the Cosmichrome system. The other two sit in the corner collecting dust. I wish that I had bought the Cosmichrome System first.

Ron Burnett "


Click here to see Ron's 47 Chevy Panel Truck and Ford pick-up in Cosmichrome


"I dealt with one company for two years and got very inconsistent results. I invested thousands of dollars into a product that brought me to nothing but one dead end after another. After so much time and money seemingly wasted, I decided to go ahead and give Cosmichrome a try. After three months, I have done more than I ever could have in two years with the other company. I was astounded at the difference. Their product provides great adhesion and a flawless finish every time."

John from Florida

Click here to see John's helmet work.


"......After all the problems we had and thousands of dollars spent on Spectra Chrome we decided that we were about done and decided maybe this was not for us. At the last minute we decided to give Gold Touch (Cosmichrome) a chance and see if we could get a better product. We were already out so much money that what was a little more? We can honestly say that we have never seen such great chrome and excellent customer service. They truly know what they are talking about and have been there for us from the beginning. We just got back from their master class and learned even more. Gold Touch (Cosmichrome) saved our business and the investments we have made.....

In summary, we have found that Gold Touch (Cosmichrome) has provided us true professional service and outstanding technical support we as a company strongly recommend and support them. We also found that the adhesion quality to be superior and with all the positives above they also offer a better price on materials. They are an excellent business and they are highly recommended.  Thank you Gold Touch.




These people are just a sample of the many customers that switched to Cosmichrome after getting terrible results with competing systems and getting little to no help from their original supplier.

This happens so often that we now even offer a modification for competing systems to replace their plating guns with the Cosmichrome™ E-Gun™ to improve their results even more. We are frustrated to see so many people not getting satisfaction with competing systems when they could have achieved great results from the beginning if they had started with Cosmichrome™. It has been going on for years.

Dozens of companies have switched from competing spray on chrome products to Cosmichrome™. If you are disappointed with the results and durability of your competing system, don't be embarrassed. Call or email us for Help and references.

Are you tired of waiting days for your primer to dry even if you bake it? Cosmichrome™ primer dries after  only a one hour bake and letting it cool for 30 minutes. One competition's primer must be baked for an hour and then it still can't be plated until at least the next day.  If you don't bake their primer you will have to wait several days to plate the part!

Don't accept samples made on ceramic tile. Because Ceramic doesn't need primer, samples made on it hide defects. Ceramic samples are not inidicative of how the product will appear in real applications.

Samples should be smooth and reflective. Competitors hide poor adhesion by applying the plating to wet primer. This causes dull plating they try to hide on textured surfaces.

Get references. If you can't speak to several satisfied references you should probably view that as a sign that the product is likely inferior.

A table with small fans is not the key to success with this technology. The process needs to be done in a paint booth with industrial ventilation. Inexperienced users fall for what seems to be a convenient table for doing the process when in fact large parts can't fit in a small table.

Don't Let This Disaster Happen To You!

(click the photo for a detailed view)

Shop Carefully!
Cosmichrome™ is Superior Because:

• Intra-coating Adhesion.

Our coatings don’t peel apart. Cosmichrome™ passes Chrysler’s OEM adhesion tests. Cosmichrome™ won’t peel or flake off while your customer drives down the road. Our competitors’ products just don’t compare.

Systems include a water purity meter.

It is impossible to get chrome color without pure distilled and de-ionized water.

Our $7250 Master System includes the ultimate plating gun. The patented Cosmichrome™ Quatro E-Gun™. Eliminates out of balance needle valves that don't retract equally or simultaneously.

Built-in plating gun washing system.

Back Check Valves prevent chemical cross contamination.

Stainless Steel Construction. Not painted mild steel.

Coiled color coded hoses.

Quick disconnect fittings for easy maintenance.

Accurate Chrome Color.

Cosmichrome™ plates a very white color without yellowing, streaks or tarnishing.

Pre-mixed chrome topcoat eliminates guess work for accurate chrome color.

Chemicals Cost Less...A Lot Less! Cosmichrome chemicals last 90 days after opening and mixing. Competing systems force you to dispose of all left over mixed chemicals at the end of the day. They spoil and will not work. Not Cosmichrome! This is a big savings feature.
Your success is important to Gold Touch, Inc. We want you to be a long term customer, not sell you something just once. Our prices are published. You don't need to ask for the special prices to get our lowest prices. Our chemicals are voulme discounted.

Free Training
We have free monthly master classes to perfect your skills. Individual classes are available by appointment nearly every day too. All Free.

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